Krista Burāne

Robežas. Rīga / The Borders. Riga (2016)

  "The Borders" is documental site specific walking performance.  

Robežas. Cēsis / The Borders. Cēsis. (2016)

"The borders" is the documental performance of senses where participants step over the borders wich are made by the eyes. During the travel through the city, they meet 12 strangers who are open to share their life stories about crossing a different kind of borders.   

Authors and directors Krista Burāne and Mārtiņš Eihe

Dramaturg Jānis Balodis

Set designer Gints Sippo

Producer Lelde Prūse

Primer  1.07.2016 Festival "Lampa"   

Lasītava / The Reading Room (2015)

The Reading Room is a meeting with a six strangers from different generations brave enough to share the diaries of her/his youth. The authentic diaries and their authors will take an audience on the intimate and personal journey in time, revealing the world as seen through the eyes of teenagers in different decades.

The work is commissioned by the Homo Novus festival as a part of the   festival’s 20th-anniversary programme, Twenty.

  Idea: Krista Burāne
Direction: Mārtiņš Eihe
Set design: Anda Skrējāne
Dramaturgy assistant: Laila Burāne
Production: New Theatre Institute of Latvia
Premiere in Riga, 2015



Ceļu kartes / Map of Roads (2014)

"The map of Roads" was the daylong performance witch was the part of Riga Cultural capital opening day (18.01. 2014) where the main actors were Riga Central market Meet pavilion workers in their working places. More than three month me and the creative team (anthropologist, poet, composer, set designer, choreographer, actors, choir) worked with them collecting their stories, writing the songs about them and their lives, rehearsed with them presentations and choreography.

 Performance included twenty workers stories told by them, more than forty workers choreography, solo singing beside of workers about their life’s dedicated to buyers of meet, choir performance with the song cycle “Near by the meet”, invisible theatre performances, sound performance “Market”, two exhibitions. 

This performance was produced by Riga New Theatre Institute.

Idea and directing  Krista Burāne

Setdesigne Rūdolfs Baltiņš
Libret Anna Auziņa
Music Edgars Raginskis
Horeography Elīna Lutce un Laura Stašāne
Conductor Ints Teterovskis 
Assistent of director Laila Burāne
Light designer Jānis Sniķeris
Sound artist Kristaps Krievs

Consultant Māra Ķimele

Producer Sandra Lapkovska, LJTI 

Ziemas māja / Winter House (2013)

This performance tells the story wich happened in the ancient times - 40 years ago. Then behind the hight mountains and dark woods lived small boy Martins and his grandfather. The little boy together with his grandpa seeks the answers to the big questions of life, learn to do the deeds and misdeeds and to understand the laws of nature – love, birth, death, summer, and winter eternal cycle.

The show is based on the director Martin Eihes childhood's memories of his grandfather. 

2014 nomination for national award in Theatre for play « House of winter » as the Best play for kids 

Script and codirecting Krista Burāne

Directing and cast  Mārtiņš Eihe

Cast Ģirts Rāviņš

Producers Creative association Nomadi

Bez vēsts pazudušie / Lost without trace (2013)

Instalation "Lost without trace" was created by Krista Burane and Martins Eihe (creative association Nomadi) for the festival Homo Novus 2013.

Theatre as the last human venue exists, because of its guardians. They are actors and directors. Their task is to work as soldiers of humanity. Sometimes they are heroes, sometimes they are the unknown; sometimes they are lost in war and sometimes they are the war-torn. After a while, they all get lost without trace, vanished in the memory of spectators. Every single testimony a spectator can give about them proves that this venue exists.

Tiešraide / Field Broadcast (2011)

In Autumn 2011, Distance roamed between Riga, London and Newcastle, a travelling programme of artists’ projects that explored our relationships to distance.

Artists: Nomadi (Riga, Latvia), Rob Smith (London, UK), Sean Maltby (Newcastle, UK)

Through a special app downloaded to your computer, Field Broadcast streamed live, and unannounced, pop-up video made by the three artists. Catching you unawares, the broadcasts created a playful interruption to daily life.

Nomadi artists Krista Burane and Martins Eihe interrapted peoples day with  lullabies from Riga. 

Festivals -  Homo Novus, LIFT, Wuderbar

Dullais / Crazy one (2011)

Four actors tell about the world wich they don't understand.

This is a story about Crayzy one, who seeks the answers to the questions wich make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. About the courage don't betrey longings and dreams, and ask, ask, ask. 

It is a fairytale for an adults. With good ending. 

Do you know what is behinde the horizont? 

Premier 16.11. 2011 Dailes theatre, Riga

Script (based on the novel by S. Edžus)  and codirecting Krista Burāne

Director Mārtiņš Eihe

Setdesigner Kristians Brehte

Cast - Esmeralda Ermale, Lauris Subatnieks, Kristīne Nevarauska, Artūrs Dīcis

Vasaras sala /Island of Summer (2010)

Object theatre performance for families "Island of Summer" begins as a story about a little girl, her grandmother and her endlessly busy father, as they all spend their holidays on an island in the Baltic sea. Then the story becomes an adventure of every little viewer into the game universe and a travel of every grown-up in time of carelessness and pure joy.

Script and codirecting Krista Burane  

Director Martins Eihe  

Cast Juta Vanaga  

setdesigner Kristine Vitola

Sound Egons Kronbergs 

Produced by creative association Nomadi

Based on Tuve Jansone "Summer book".

2010  nomination for  national award in Theatre for play « Island of summer » as the Best play for kids  


  •  “De Betovering”, The Hague, Netherlands, 2011.
  •  ASSITEJ 17th World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011.
  •  “De Stilte”, Breda, Netherlands, 2011.
  • “Nomadi”, Latvia, 2010, 2014 

You can watch performance here


Kauja pie / Battle by... (2009)

Performance created by Mārtiņš Eihe (directing), Krista Burāne (script) and young actors of Liepajas theatre.
A battle of love, a battle of hatred, a battle of ignorance, a battle of friendship, a battle of conscience, a battle of humanity- these are some of the battles fought within the play „Battle at...".
This play invites the audience on a journey of experiencing both feelings and memories of the time they have spent in school. In order to provoke this the performance takes place in an actual school, in its cafeteria, classroom, changing room, toilet, teacher lounge, wardrobe, sports hall.
Since the play is written as a mosaic, each of spectators creates the whole Picture by themselves and therefore each of them sees a different play.
The audience is split into „classes" and walks around the school accompanied by a guide while they watch and participate. Each "class" sees the first six scenes in a random sequence, constructing the story in their minds and the „classes" only meet during the last scene in the gym, which means that the actors play each part simultaneously six times.
The plot of the play concentrates on relationships between students and teachers after the students have physically and psychologically humiliated their physics teacher, after somebody has turned over their calssmates and while both teachers and students are trying to find someone to blame.
During each of the scenes a battle is fought thus revealing the human nature- a sons betrayal, the duplicity of teachers, the brutan fight for what is right, but above all- longing for love and humanity.

2009  nomination for  national award in Theatre for play « Battle at… » as the Best play for youth   



  • “The Golden Mask” festival, “Mask plus” programme, Moscow, Russia, 2011.                                    
  • “Homo novus” festival, Riga, Latvia, 2010.


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