Krista Burāne

Tu atvēri mani ar nazīti / You opened me by a knife (2018)

Music video for the band Instrumenti, Album: Atkala, 2017, Premiere, May 2018

Selected for the Riga International Film festival Baltic music videos competion programm 2018. 

The Onion already appears in the band’s previous video. Now, he shows what it’s like to try to leave a separation that has not healed yet. What it’s like to wish to leave and go far, far away – from one’s self. By train if one must. But what can one do if it’s not possible to leave or forget?

Music: Reinis Sējāns, Jānis Šipkēvics
Liric: Jānis Šipkēvics

Script, directing, editing: Krista Burāne
Artist of Animation: Toms Burāns
Cinematographer: Jānis Šēnbergs
Makeup artist: Līva Drešere
Lightenig artist: Jānis Kukulis
Sound director: Gatis Zaķis
Coluring and mastering: Toms Burāns
Producers: Agne Skane (VFS Films), Krista Burāne

Cast: Jānis Šipkēvics, Reinis Sējāns, Gatis Zaķis

Pasaka par tukšo telpu / The Fairytale of Emty Space (2017)

The cinematic series about three significant figures in Latvian theatre – directors Oļģerts Kroders (“The Fifth Hamlet” (2007), Māra Ķimele (“Mara” (2014), and the newest about Andris Freibergs – all investigate how loneliness, love and death weave the films’ heroes’ lives and art together as if it would be a tight braid. In the “Fairytale” the accomplished European stage designer and educator paints a self-portrait by shaping the stage for an imaginary production titled Andris Freibergs. He transforms himself into a space that contains close to eighty years worth of stunning success, tragic loss, birth and death. It is an attempt to create the perfect empty space – one that would simultaneously encompass everything and nothing, the beginning and the end. The film is produced by the Riga-based VFS FILMS.

“I think that the theatre is the final humane space where people can still learn not to be afraid of each other, trust, share, give, be genuine. The outwardly demure but extremely emotionally sensitive Andris Freibergs is the creator of many of the faces and forms of this last humane space. It is the revealing of humanity and the work of revealing which really attracts me, especially because Andris Freibergs manages it without words. How do you say what is important without telling it? The stage designer builds a space where everything has a meaning, and their relationships create new meaning. My task was to create a film somewhat analog to this space, where details lose their everyday meaning,” says the director Krista Burāne.

Director, Scrpitwriter, Editor: Krista Burāne

Art director: Toms Burāns

Doll designer: Mārtiņš Rozenfelds

Original music: Reinis Sējāns

Producer: Uldis Cekulis

Priemer in the  in Riga IFF FEATURE FILM COMPETITION, 2017

Domātskola /Think School (2015)

Third grade pupils of the Cēsis New Primary School spend two months planning and carrying out the afternoon that marks the end of the school year. Teachers are only here to help, trusting the children's wisdom, responsibility and their ability to make their own decisions and carry them out. Preparing for the celebration stretches across all school disciplines, turning the school grounds into a place of exciting discovery lived fully through joy and hardship alike.

Film is the part of Latvian Public television selection "Code od Latvia 2015"

Premier 3. 10. 2015 

Script, directing, editing - Krista Burane

Cameraman - Dainis Juraga

Sound - Aigars Endzelis, Verners Biters, Mārtiņš Rozentāls, Anete Vanaga

Sound director - Artis Dukaļskis

Music - Edgars Šubrovskis

Animation - Toms Burāns

Mastering - Krišs Roziņš

Producers - Līna Bērziņa, Ieva Goba

ELM Media,  Latvijas televīzija, Nacionālais Kino centrs, Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds

Full film with ENG subtitles

Māra (2014)

This creative documentary tells the story of women in art – what she has to sacrifice in her personal life and what choices have to be made in order to gain success in her career.  The film explores life of artist, by following theatre director’s Mara Kimele's fighting relationships with her despotic grandmother Anna Lacis (widely known as Asya, whose life is closely tied to the names of Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brech), cynical son Peteris (who is played by an actor) and work while she stages  F. Dostoevsky's “Crime and Punishment”. Every character of film is an act. But does that make them any less real? And what is real in the world of art? Apart from its human character's, the film also has an animated one – the horse, who came into life through the first letter Mara wrote to her grand mother and has been following her ever since.

2014  nomination for national award "Big Cristopher" in the filmmaking as the Best documentary film, Best director, award for The Best music.

2014 nomination for award « 1 kg of Culture »  in the position « Best film »

Running time - 1h 19min

Full cast 
All the characters in this documentary are acting - some play many roles, some only themselves.
Māra Ķimele – Māra Ķimele
Pēteris Ķimelis (her son) - Toms Auniņš 
Set designers - Ilmars Blumbergs, Andris Freibergs, Aija Zarina, Viktors Jansons
Actors – Andris Keišs, Guna Zariņa, Jana Čivžele, Varis Pinķis, Edgars Samītis

Director Krista Burane
Producers Martins Eihe, Krista Burane, Amanda Boka
Screenwriter Krista Burane
Editor Krista Burane
Director of photography Valdis Celmiņš
Production designer Anete Melece
Mucic composer Jēkabs Nīmanis
Sound Artis Dukaļskis
Animation Anete Melece, Toms Burāns

Nākotne ir pagātnes tagadne / The future is the present of the past (2011)

Four young peoples. Four political parties! Four futures?

I met them in September 2010, Latvian parliament pre-election time. Four contemporaries of the second independence of Latvia from four different political forcies, wishing to dedicate their lives to politics and work for their country. Then came election day and the life afterwards. They allowed me to observe it.

Film about contemporary values of sociaty in Latvia, young politicians,  election of historycaly significant parliament  Nr. 10 which works only some months and after so caled "oligarh scandal" was dissolved by president of Latvia Valdis Zatlers.

 You can watch film with eng subtitles here

  1. Initial releaseSeptember 12, 2011 (Riga)
  2. Running time1h 16m
  3. GenreDocumentary

The Piektais Hamlets / Fifth Hamlet (2009)

What does the question "to be or not to be?" mean to a person? Does the answer include only the biological difference between life and death or do these states interact with each other and are both a part of the life? How to overcome non-existence, how to achieve the consciousness of your existence and fulfillment? How to escape the emptiness of life? How to make life fulfilling? The protagonist of this film is the 86-year-old director Olgerts Kroders, who commenced staging his fourth production of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in Valmieras Drama theater. The theater is more than merely his occupation, he not only works there but also lives and spends all of his time in it. The film depicts his routine, the rehearsal process up until the premiere and provokes a dialog about theater, freedom and solitude using four actors, who have all been Hamlet in the different productions of  the play.

2009  nomination for national award in the filmmaking "Big Cristopher" as the Best documentary film, Best debut and The best work in culture 2009 

You can see film with eng subtitles  here

Directors: Krista Burāne, Mārtiņš Eihe
Producer: Mārtiņš Eihe
Script: Krista Burāne
Director of photography: Inese Apse
Editor: Krista Burāne
Music: Emīls Zilvers
Sound director: Egons Kronbergs
Year: 2009

Language: Latvian
Subtitles: ENG
Lenght: 0:55
Format: 16:9
Audio: stereo
Region: all


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